Terms And Conditions

These are the terms and conditions laid out by myself Lisa Salter at Bissi Bakes Cakes.
Please look over these and feel free to get in touch.
All quotes are valid for 3 days. If I do not hear from you in that timeframe, I will assume you no longer require the cake and will cancel the quote & order; all orders are only secured once a deposit has been paid.
1) Non Refundable Deposits are taken on all orders.

This helps to secure your place in
my diary and your date to be kept, this also enables me to start planning your order and buying in advance. Deposits will
only be refunded if I cannot fulfill the order due to illness or sickness.
For Cake Orders between
• £15.00-£30.00 – a £10.00 deposit is taken.
• £30.01-£50.00 – a £20.00 deposit is taken.
• £50.01-£70.00 – a £25.00 deposit is taken.
• £70.01-£90.00 – a £30.00 deposit is taken.
• £90.01-£100.00 – a £50.00 deposit is taken.
For Orders over £100.01 and Wedding orders, a £65 deposit is taken & further payment arrangements will be set out.
2) Payments can be made by. Bank Transfer, Paypal or in person and are due within 5 days of you discussing and confirming your quote unless I have stated otherwise.
3) Payments for cake orders can be made in Instalments If I have agreed on this with you.
4) Full Payment/or Remainder of the balance for all Cake orders up to £100.00 are due 7 days before the Date of Collection/Delivery of cakes. Cakes cannot and WILL NOT be made without this being paid.
5) Full Payment/Remainder of payments for orders over £100.01 and Wedding Orders are due 6 weeks before the date.
6) If you decide to CANCEL your order, your deposit will NOT be refunded however any payments made after this will be
refunded to you. 14 days’ notice of cancellation is required, after this, the full balance Is still due
7) Cake Flavours and Design must be finalised 14 days before your Cake is due, changes can not be made after this time, as I will have most likely stocked and purchased ingredients, materials etc.
8) If no flavour of Cake is specified the Cake will be Vanilla with matching buttercream. Jam is not added to Cakes unless it is specifically requested due to allergen concerns.
I agree to give as much notice as possible if I am unable to fulfil your order due to illness as I shall not make a cake or fulfil
an order while ill. All payments will be refunded in this case and I will endeavour to help find another Cake Maker to
make your cake or give names of others within my area that may be able to help, however, their prices may be different from my own.


Here at Bissi Bakes Cakes we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your orders and to provide the product and service you have requested from us.
I will only ever contact you via email or message via Facebook during your order period if you consent to me doing so please let me know during your acceptance of my terms and conditions.
Your details will never be passed onto any other persons or companies and only held by Bissi Bakes Cakes digitally via the facebook page or via the diary which is held securely within the property.

Thank You, Lisa