About Us

So I’m just going to do the one day. I thought many of you know me, but for the newbies this is me 🙋🏻‍♀️ I started this Business back in 2012 with my love of baking when i had a young son, it was easy to work around this PT and the fact i am chronically ill with a neurological condition, you may see me on crutches or in a wheelchair from time to time.

I am a fully registered, insured and inspected baker as all should be. Did you know you need to be registered with your Environmental Health, have a hygiene certificate and a possible inspection even just to sell packs of sweeties?

I am a stickler for these rules as food in any form is something that we should know has had the right care taken and procedures before we munch it!

Bissi is taken from my nickname Lissi-Bissi.

I am tattooed, Pierced & an Animal lover with my heart in nature and my pagan wicca ways.

All in all, i am a lover of new ideas, designing, quirky, OCD and no sharp edges! Inperfect is best.

Recently I have become really disheartened with my reach to you guys here on Facebook and Instagram, so if you see these please make sure you follow the page in the settings for all posts not just highlights and interact with my posts.

Love, Light & Cake to you all, Lisa 😁

Frequently Asked Questions!?

🙋🏻‍♀️ I thought as i get asked some questions repeatedly i would do I little FAQ for you all. These all apply during normal times, not necessarily during lockdown.

Q- “How much notice do you need for Cakes?”

A- As much as possible…some months i am booked up 6 months in advance, sometimes i can squeeze some in but this is not a guarantee. I definitely can’t undertake orders in less than 72hrs.

Q- “How much do your Cakes cost?”
A- How long is a piece of string?? All Cakes are priced on their size, detail and work needed to complete them. They start at certain prices per size/how many they feed, But then any additional work or toppers etc need to be added on if necessary.

Q- “Can i order 6 Cupcakes?”
A- No, unfortunately i do my Cupcakes in batches of 12, so 12 is my minimum order and that is one flavour. If you wanted two different flavours of cupcakes you would need to order 24. I can however change buttercream flavours, so your 12 cupcakes would be one flavour but you could have a mix of 2-3 buttercream flavours on them.

Q- “Do you need a deposit?”
A- Yes, all orders require a deposit to be paid within 3 days of initial contact, if this is not made in this time period, your order is released and i unfortunately cannot guarantee it will be available if you choose to come back after this time.

Q- “Where about are you?”
A- I work from home in Rural, East Lothian. Just outside Edinburgh, 10 mins from Sheriffhall Roundabout.

Q- “Do you Deliver?”
A- Possibly, yes, this depends on whether i can arrange this and location.

Q- “Can i taste flavours before i order”
A- In theory, yes. I can do a selection of my most popular Cakes or you may choose 4 to taste including buttercreams, but there is a charge for this.

Q- “Can you donate to my charity/fundraiser?”
A- I used to yes, unfortunately as of now i have withdrawn this, i get far too many requests and i feel wrong choosing one over another, i am an extremely small business and i suffer from ill health, i cannot afford to make multiple Cakes/Cupcakes for free.

Q- “Can you make this exact Cake?”
A- No, no cake i make is exactly the same as any others or as a picture you may send. I can do very similar but i will not copy other cakes exactly or risk copyright issues.

Q- “Can i just pay you on collection?”
A- No, all Cake orders must be paid at least 7 days in advance, all Orders have T&C’s sent to them which explains this. No payment, no Cake. I cannot afford to be out of pocket.

Q- “Are you a inspected/registered business?
A- Yes, i am fully registered with East Lothian Council, I have been inspected and adhere to their regulations on Allergens etc also. I have Hygiene Certification and i am registered with HMRC & Insured. All of this IS REQUIRED!

Q-“Do you make Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Nut Free?”
A- No, although i can use ingredients that don’t contain said items, i cannot guarantee no trace of these items in my Kitchen. So i do not do this as advised by Environmental Health.

Q- “Do you just bake Cakes?”
A- No, i bake Traybakes, Cookies, Duffins, Old Skool bakes and Biscuits!

There as many more thing I am asked but these cover the main questions.